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Rule No 3: Have Fun!

Um, where did February go?
and um, how is the weather so gorgeous?
I know we need the rain but it sure is nice to get out for a jog. I don’t run in the cold.
Yes, I have a gym membership. But the gym is across town. (Yes, I know, excuses, excuses!)

After our movie date, the Girls and I stopped by this Park. We had been a couple times before but it was a long time ago.
I didn’t tell the Girls we were stopping. I just told them the rules:

1 Emmy put on her shoes
2 I am not pushing anyone on the swings
3 Have fun
4. (Added by Katelyn) Don’t disturb mommy. She saw me sitting with the sun on my face. Smart Girl!

Our stay was short lived b/c Emmy had to go to the bathroom.
I promised we would go back tomorrow with the Boys.
Luckily Sunday’s weather was just as nice at Saturday’s.

park play feb2014-3 park play feb2014-4 park play feb2014-5 Excuse the snotty nose. Our house has been so snotty! I carry a tissue pack in my pocket. park play feb2014-6 park play feb2014-7 park play feb2014-8 park play feb2014-9 park play feb2014-10 park play feb2014-11 park play feb2014-12 park play feb2014-13 park play feb2014-14 park play feb2014-15 park play feb2014-16 park play feb2014-17 park play feb2014-18 park play feb2014-19 park play feb2014-20 park play feb2014-21 park play feb2014-22 park play feb2014-23 park play feb2014-24 I think he was excited that Katelyn made it all the way across the monkey bars. park play feb2014-25 Hello Handsome! You make Mama’s heart melt. park play feb2014-26 This is how Jase gives a thumbs up. park play feb2014-27 park play feb2014-28 She has been practicing and now skip bars. She has the calluses and blisters to prove it. park play feb2014-29 park play feb2014-30 He was pretending that I wasn’t taking his picture. park play feb2014-31 He couldn’t hold the serious face though. park play feb2014-32 Aw! I love Jase’s sloppy kisses! park play feb2014-33 Dare devils!! Girls jumped off the wall to Daddy. park play feb2014-34 park play feb2014-35 park play feb2014-36 park play feb2014-37 Cheese! Jase’s new trick. park play feb2014-38

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