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my scrap plan

i spent some time last night in bed on my kindle going thru becky higgins’ blog and the inspiration was pouring in!
i don’t know if it was the time change or the gulps of apple juice i chugged just before bed that kept me up- what can i say? cravings!

the girls and i spent some time in the craft room yesterday making this easter egg wreath for our upcoming spring photo shoot/playdate.

and it is a mess in there! it is the catch all of the home. i have A LOT of crafty stuff. i love it, but the crafty clutter is hindering our creativity. i have a ton of paper scrap booking supplies. sadly i haven’t paper scrapped in a really long time. digital scrap booking just fits better in my life right now.

SO with a heavy heart and a little bit of inspiration from becky’s post, i’ve decided to purge all my paper supplies and whatever else doesn’t fit the following:
– Why am I hanging on to this?

– Do I ever use this?

– Do I really value this?

i am excited about creating a space where the girls and i can really unleash our creativity and have fun.

when and if there is time for paper scraping in my life, i am going to have a really fun time shopping!

i will make sure to update you on my progress:)

in the meantime, i plan to continue to digital scrapbook and i am seriously considering starting Project Life- digtial style.
i am totally inspired by lindsay teague moreno’s digital PL.
and love the
PL digital supplies from Jessica Sprague

there is also a ton of PL digital products out there and i am sure i have some already in my stash 😉

i would like to make this process as easy and simple as possible…and fun!

this seems to fit in with our life right now.
i think i am going to get a few things checked off my list first (ie refi, taxes, new car, bunk beds, etc) and then give it a go before baby arrives!
i think it is going to be fun to start PL as our family of 4 becomes 5:)

i am pretty excited about it!

and of course a photo…
this is my gorgeous friend with her beautiful daughter.

it features a new KLP Design Word Art which i plan to release ASAP.

and some other fun news!

from my simple things post.

2012 Spring KLP Workshop: March 31
Mother’s Day Mini Sessions benefiting Cookies for Cancer

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