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December Daily 2017 – Foundation Pages

I have been having tons of fun going through my paper scrapbooking stash (and picking up a couple new things) for my December Daily 2017 album. I think this is the 8th year I have participated in documenting our December. In the past I have done all digital, all paper or a mix of both. The past couple of years has been a hodge podge of paper, chunky supplies and sizes all rounded up in an album. Because I am a digital scrapbooker playing with paper this time of year is so much fun for me.

The challenges I am having this year are:
*Telling NEW stories or finding creative ways to talk about the same things that happen every December
*Creating a cohesive look to my album when using so many different products
*Going through my very disorganized stash (physical and digital) to find items to use
*Not buying tons of new product- I.Want.It.All

Things I am focussing on:
*Recording feelings and facts
*Going back to complete the 1-2 years that are not complete

I put together a video of me flipping through my album with the Foundation Pages. This is my first time doing something like this so be gentle.

Here are some photos of my 2017 Foundation Pages:
DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-1 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-2 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-3 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-4 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-5 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-6 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-7 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-8 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-9 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-10 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-11 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-12 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-13 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-14 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-15 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-16 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-17 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-18 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-19 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-20 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-21 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-22 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-23 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-24 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-25 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-26 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-27 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-28 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-29 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-30 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-31 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-32 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-33 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-34 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-35 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-36 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-37 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-38 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-39 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-41 DecDaily2017FoundationPagesweb-40

You can see past albums here:
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2011 here (incomplete album)
photo of past albums

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