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December Daily 2016

The Girls had Veteran’s Day off of school. I took the day off too! The Girls invited Friends over to scrapbook. We gathered a ton of supplies from my office and gave each of the Girls a 4×6 photo album to create pages and fill with photos. I worked along side of them filling albums with old printed photos. I wanted our precious memories out of the boxes in the garage and in a space where they could be enjoyed easily.

I guess having all those creative minds at our back dining room table wore off on me because I got inspired to create a traditional scrapbook to document our December.

I cleared the table of all the everyday supplies the Girls used and filled it with EVERYTHING Christmas!! We have a gate up for Sophie and I joked with the Kids that they could not go beyond that gate. I was half kidding! LOL The Girls are itching to get at all these supplies. I told them they could have everything I didn’t use. I think I am taking longer than they would like.

My foundation pages are almost done. I left several spaces to fill in with journaling, photos and memorabilia for the month of December. I plan to clean up the mess I created at the Dining Room Table and leave out a small stash of supplies. My hope is to work on my album for a little bit each day. I am also not sure what, if anything I am going to do to the cover. I usually like my covers flat for storage.

**edited to add: I thought my foundation pages were complete but I found some cute things in the $1 section at Target! LOL


I was looking for a red album but saw this one on sale at Hobby Lobby and bought it. I will most likely not add anything to the cover but I did pick up a small wooden Christmas Tree for the spine.
decdaily2016w-2 decdaily2016w-3 This is my inside cover. I altered the printable I found on Pinterest. I added 2016 in tiny black letter stickers. decdaily2016w-4 It opens! I tore the month of December out of a calendar and used washi tape to hold it together. I plan to list all the stories and activities I would like to tell and record in my album. Instead of writing a story about the day’s activities (ie This is what we did today….) like I have done in years past, I plan to write 25 stories of December or maybe more! decdaily2016w-5 My title page.


Some of my pages have numbers loosely adhered to them and some do not just in case I have to move things around. I have kept a pile of numbers in my stash to easily grab and complete my page.


This page is a read paper lunch bag with a tag that can pull out. I can write my story on this pull out tag and/or add photos. I can also add more photos to the bag pocket.


This is a 6″x8″ page protector with four 3″x4″ pockets.


I can add photos to the back of this tag if my story takes up the front. It is ok to not add any photos too!


I have placed random tags and journaling cards throughout my album in case I want to jot down a fun memory but it isn’t quite a “story.”


This is a fun page but doesn’t leave space for me to tell my story. I may have to add another page or just punch holes in a photo and add it to my album. I like the look of journaling right on a photo too! We shall see how this one plays out!


This is a page protector with 2 square empty pockets ready to be filled.
decdaily2016w-13 decdaily2016w-14

I though this one would be perfect to talk about Holiday Music. decdaily2016w-15 decdaily2016w-16

I thought we could talk about our crafty holiday projects. decdaily2016w-17

This is an acetate page from Heidi Swapp.  decdaily2016w-18

Here I plan to talk about the Kiddos’ Letters to Santa. decdaily2016w-19


I created a pocket to hold Letters from Santa.

decdaily2016w-21 decdaily2016w-22

I plan to adhere a large photo to this strip. decdaily2016w-23

We can’t forget to record our Christmas Wish Lists!


The Kiddos are very excited for the Elf to return. Will it be a Boy or a Girl? What will we name him/her? decdaily2016w-25 decdaily2016w-26

Just pretty word art found on Pinterest printed on vellum. decdaily2016w-27

This was my attempt at a filled pocket. I closed up the pocket with washi tape. decdaily2016w-28

I am not sure what sorts of Holiday treasures are going to be stored in this bag??? Photos? Receipts? Train of Lights Tickets? decdaily2016w-29 decdaily2016w-30 decdaily2016w-31 decdaily2016w-32

More pretty word art found on Pinterest printed on a transparency. decdaily2016w-33 decdaily2016w-34 decdaily2016w-35 decdaily2016w-36

I saw this on Pinterest and knew I had to have a “Currently” page in my album. decdaily2016w-37 decdaily2016w-38

This tag has a file folder adhered to it. decdaily2016w-39

It opens up to hold the story and photo. decdaily2016w-40

Lots of circles on a Bella Blvd transparency. decdaily2016w-41

This is a pocket to hold more Holiday Memorabilia. decdaily2016w-42

I added some filler cards because I had some really cute cards I wanted to use. decdaily2016w-43 decdaily2016w-44

Page #25!!  decdaily2016w-45

My Girls were itching to scrap with the huge stash of Holiday items…I finally let them and they created these pages. I am going to ask them if I can add them to my album.

You can see past December Albums here. And more here.

dec daily 2016 album from Krista Lund on Vimeo.

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  • November 21, 2016 - 1:07 pm

    Mari - OMG You are so ready for this! I love the fun little accents and all the glorious cuteness! 😉 I think your album is going to be absolutely amazing when its done!

  • November 22, 2016 - 6:13 pm

    admin - ah, thank you for your sweet words :)

  • September 28, 2017 - 5:16 am

    Nia - This is fantastic! You have beautiful pages 😀 Congrats on your work!
    I love the vellum printed with “In this home we laugh, we play…” I’ve seen the free printable on pinterest too! One of my faves :) I wonder how you printed on vellum! Home printer?

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