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The Flu hit me like a ton of bricks! Today is the first normal(ish) day I have had in a week. The Flu came in and kicked my butt. It forced me to sleep for 3 days straight. It forced me to give up coffee and drop a few pounds because I completely lost my appetite. I still don’t have my full appetite back yet but I am getting there. As for coffee…before the Flu I was thinking that I was drinking too much coffee. I started drinking decaf when I found out I was pregnant over 8 years ago. As I started having more kids I switched to caffeine because quite honestly I needed the pick me up. So decisions decisions….do I go back to decaf? Stop drinking coffee altogether?
One nice thing about the Flu is I didn’t care about anything except my pillow! Bills, housework, none of it. Now that my head is clearer it is all coming at me like a freight train!
I finally got my laptop fixed! YAH YAH YAH!
They did $1500 worth of work including installing a new hard drive and I only had to pay $320. I don’t know how that worked out and frankly I just paid it and got the heck out of there!
Although I am fully backed up (Thanks to Crashplan), I did not do a full restore. I kind of like the idea of started fresh.
I subscribed to Adobe CC while working on my old laptop. It is now on my new laptop and I am having to reload all my actions and presets. That is taking some time. In some cases I am having to recreate them.
I am behind behind behind. 3 newborn sessions to edit. And I completely missed all my Digital Scrapbook CT releases this week.

But at least it is FRIDAY!!

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Livermore Child Photographer


Today my middle child turns 5!
Wait, what?!
How did that happen?!

Livermore Child Photographer

It seems like only yesterday we brought her home.
We were in a hurry to get her home to start our life as a family of 4. We were greeted by a house full of family and a hot pot of my Aunt Nanny’s soup.
Emmy was such a snuggler. During the day we would take long naps together while cuddling on the couch. But she didn’t like to go to sleep at night. I would walk around wearing her in her baby sling. When she finally fell asleep, I would carry her to bed and slowly and quielty take the sling off and pray she didn’t wake up. Katelyn was in daycare but most days I would keep her home with us. I loved this time with my two girls.


Emmy is a good eater. Still is. That girl will eat a great dinner and then 5 minutes later ask for a snack!


She fell in love with her binkies just like her older sister. She also loved her green blankies.


Livermore Child Photographer

She is such a nurturing soul. She was Louann’s big helper. She is a great Big Sister; so helpful. She is a wonderful playmate to her Big Sister. She loves to play house and any activity that involves scissors, especially giving herself a haircut. lol

Livermore Child Photographer

Livermore Child Photographer

She is excelling in preschool. She owns that school! She is loves the work and social aspects. She loves the songs and art projects. We are so proud of her.

Livermore Child Photographer

She loves dress up, lipgloss and gum.


Livermore Child Photographer

She has her own sense of fashion and I just go with it!


She is wearing a 5t and a size 12 shoe.


Happy Birthday, Sweet Baby Girl!

Mommy and Daddy love you so! Your spunky and sweet personality keep us on our toes and fill our hearts with so much joy!

Livermore Child Photographer

Livermore Child Photographer



Livermore Child Photographer





Today and every 12th, I think about Jennifer and the Kranz Family. Actually, everyday I think of them. I use their sadness to drive the work I am doing for Mama’s Night Out and Unravel.

Everyday my thankfulness comes with a twinge of guilt. I am a better Mommy because of Jennifer. I know more and can do better because of Jennifer. But the price was so terribly high.

I can’t imagine. But the Kranz Family was forced to. So was McKenna’s Family and Franky’s Family and Jessie’s Family and Richard’s Family and Mitchell’s Family and Gabriella’s Family.

I hope the work I am doing brings awareness. Our children deserve more.

Knowledge is like glitter… it sticks with you. Spread the glitter.

46 children a day are diagnosed with pediatric cancer
7 children a day die from pediatric cancer
Less than 4% of the NIH cancer research budget goes towards pediatric cancer
More American children die of cancer than of AIDS, asthma, cystic fibrosis, diabetes and congenital abnormalities combined.
In the past 20 years, only two new cancer drugs have been specifically approved for pediatric use, both for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. By contrast, in one year (2012), a total of 23 drugs were approved for adults.
Average age for a child diagnosed with cancer is 6. For breast cancer, it’s 61, and for prostate cancer, it’s 63. Average number of years lost for the adults that die is 15 years… for the children that die, it’s 69 years.
The American Cancer Society only gives one cent of every dollar raised for pediatric cancer.


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    libby - It brings love to our home.. and for that I am grateful

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