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I had the pleasure of having the Newton Family in front of my camera. This has to be one of my favorite sessions ever. The love I felt from this Family was overwhelming. Such tenderness mixed with gratitude.
I will forever remember the way Delaney said “Mom” – quietly, sweetly.
I will forever remember they way Dad was so patient and loving and diffused potential melt downs.
I will forever remember how Little Brother helped Big Sister as much as Big Sister loved on Little Brothers.

Check out their Facebook Page- TEam Delaney.

You may remember Team Delaney from last year’s Holiday Mini Sessions.
Janice (mom) attended Mama’s Night Out in Livermore last year and bravely stood in front all of us and shared her Family’s story.

Watch their slideshow here.


Newton Family Dec 2014 from Krista Lund on Vimeo.


I used Juno’s EL December Kit to create my Holiday Gift Tags and Chapstick Holder Cards. The Littles will be handing out Jiggysticks to their teachers so I created a cute holder for them:)


2014 holiday tag w

I put the tags onto a 12×18 paper in Photoshop and print at Costco.

2014 holiday tag spread w

Hooray for getting our Holiday Cards created and mailed! It wasn’t pretty! I am actually quite disappointed in myself!

Bribes were plenty. Mom was grumpy. Just not fun at all! In my Family Photo Sessions that is my #1 Goal- For everyone to have fun!

Darn! I failed at that miserably with my own kids!

Sure I got the shot- got the PERFECT shot too! But there is such guilt when I look at this beautiful photo of my 3 perfect, happy, healthy kiddos!

I joked with a girlfriend that this is probably 5th photo I took. So we got the shot but I continued to torture everyone for 60 more photos.

Next year I will do better!

holiday pic

chapstick card



These Boys made my job very easy!
I think Big Brother even said he had fun!!
Mission Accomplished!

Have you ever been to Fenestra Winery? The grounds are gorgeous at this quaint Livermore winery and the wine is good too! I especially like them because they generously donated to Mama’s Night Out!!

livermore ca family photographer

livermore ca family photographer

livermore ca family photographer








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Early in the planning stages of Mama’s Night Out I started looking around for a Youth Glee Club. I thought it would be wonderful to have them perform Brave by Sara Bareilles “Glee Style” at the end of Libby’s presentation. I had a couple people ask their network and friends but we came up empty. There were 999 other things to plan and worry about so this wish fell to the back burner.

I was browsing along on Facebook (see, it isn’t all a waste of time!) and came across a High School Friend’s Daughter’s photo of performing with a Youth Choir in Disneyland. I immediately messaged her and she put me in touch with the Director of Studio 26 in Brentwood. Heather was on board fromt the beginning. Sadly, she lost her best friend in High School to Cancer. She quickly went to work contacting all the parents to see who was available in such a short notice. It wasn’t looking good at first and we discussed alternative ideas, like a video. But I really wanted them live!! Heather started calling all the Families and it worked! She was able to get a large enough group to participate.

She sent me a quick video of their first rehearsal and I cried! It was beautiful and perfect!

The night of Mama’s Night Out, the Kids quietly came in and took their spots when it was time and SUNG.THEIR.HEARTS.OUT! It was amazing and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room. They stole the show.

The week before MNO, along with their busy school and rehearsal schedules the kids did their own part in Spreading the Glitter. They made sign’s at their brother’s baseball games and collected donations. They knocked door to door spreading the facts of pediatric cancer. Amazing!

One of the main ideas behind MNO is for the women to be inspired to take the knowledge (Glitter) and continue to spread it and that is exactly what Heather and Studio 26 have done. Give Us 12!

This past weekend at their Winter Recital they performed Brave again after sharing the disappointing facts of pediatric cancer to the 300 people in attendance. They made treats and sold them and raised $1000 for Unravel Pediatric Cancer. The Videographer was so moved and inspired and they generously said they would give half the proceeds from the DVD sales as well!

Right after the Recital, Heather sent me an email and video. I so wish I could have been there!!

Here is what she said:

Hi there,

I first want to say how much you have inspired all of us. We truly are in awe in what you are doing, and how Libby is still fighting for other families, and spreading awareness. She is amazing, and if she can do it so can we!!

The kids performed in front of over 300+ people this morning, and EVERYONE was in shock at the facts the kids shared with them. Like myself I had no idea. We donate to Cancer research thinking we are donating to research for cancer not knowing its mainly going to adults. The kids memorized all of the facts, made yummy treats and other fun goodies, and sold them before and after each recital. They worked for 4 hours, and performed at all 3 recitals. They were so excited to give back, and be apart of something that is helping others. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing them to perform at the Livermore Mama’s night out. WE will continue to spread the awareness. Looking forward to planning something for 2015!

We were talking about singing the National Anthem at a Warriors game or Giants, maybe they can some how incorporate Unravel in there. Sing Brave at 1/2 time? Spread awareness on an even bigger level : ) We will help Libby and give more than 12!!

I just counted all of the money the kids raised. We raised a total for $1032.00, BUT we should have some more money coming in because the videographer was so inspired that they are going to donate 1/2 of the proceeds from the DVD’s being sold to Unravel! : )

I just uploaded a video I took (sorry I missed some of it due to walking off stage), but wanted to share with you all and hopefully Libby will love it! We love what she is doing, and we are right behind her joining her in this fight for change.

Warm regards,

Heather Sandberg
Studio 26

Watch the video here.

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